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with this legislation. california, texas, new york saying we want to be able to do this but we also don't want to change our sales tax rules to have some kind of uniformity for these interstate transactions taking place, and that is what comes back on the shoulders of the congress because we have the ultimate responsibility for writing the law, related to interstate commerce and doing so in a fair manner not only for the brick and mortar businesses but also for the small businesses that are at this point in time i think still confronted with a very complex many thousands of multitudes more complex than a business in in your state or another state numbing what the state's requirements are and only having to meet the requirements of the state. so i commend the author of the legislation, and i commend all of you for trying to find a way to simplify. but i would urge you to work further to bring about more simplification in terms of a definition to each state that wants to purchase of in this, we have one definition. i would prefer to see one rate, three is better than 9,000 some. but i would prefer to see
responding to local flooding. cdp has flown missions in support of the border patrol, texas rangers, u.s. service, fbi and others. the systems have become a force multiplier for military operations and for border security. however, we run the edge of the new horizon. using unmanned aerial systems within the homeland currently are 200 active certificates of operation issue i the federal aviation administration to over 100 different entities such as law enforcement department and academic institutions to fly drugs domestically. this map on the monitor shows the locations of coa recipients as at april 2012. the number of recipients since that time has in fact increased. the faa plans to select 65 cities around the country for the use of nongovernment euros this year and plans to allow the deployment of nongovernment drugs nationwide i.t. here 2015. while the faa is responsible for ensuring the systems fly safely in u.s. airspace with only two and a half short years until drums began to dominate the skies in the u.s. homeland, no federal agency is taking the lead to do with the full implic
that are impacting a lot of the country including much of my home state of texas. and i'm going to a take a little of my time out to tell you a story about i passed a bill some five years ago, and i was over in paris, texas, making a speech about it. and can one of my good friends over there just to put it on me said, congressman, will you be able to make it rain? it was dry and hadn't rained in days and days. i thought a minute or so and i said, yeah, it will. that's section four of the third page. he said, really? i said, hell, no, i just gave you a silly answer to a silly question. he was a good friend of mine. but three years later we had, i mean, rainfall that drowned people above texoma and all the programs, farm programs below it. ruined everybody. rained incessantly for day and night. i called him about 3:00 one morning, and his wife said when he got to the phone, hit his toe on the phone, and he was mad when he got to the phone, but he said, hello. i said, hello, hal. do you remember that question you asked me about my bill? go outside. i have to go through that every time i go to paris,
in 2012 that are considering doing the same. we have texa, which has decided th thewoulrath t haptiwewon re,npne anpahon program. we have this horrible situation inississippi where the one beti.t hul iinic is in danger of mye evrps honghg r oe way to look at this year. but there's another way to look at this year. we also had komen forhecr ahricdc diheprnhith buatn' h or a ual remember. we can hit people, men, women, young and old across the country sank this is not okay with us. sacnsoinndhrough rtion hd nvini wnob dolad the public and legislature tried to go way too far and say not only are going to have mandatory ultrasous, medillnearprur 'rin f e-at nva obn ouat w mearsscr a said hold on a second, this is way too far and while we still haveow ndarytadst tawelegohaar sohacts e et well. and then, new sandra fluke came around, and i have to say, what holyrong with the general isa ket roitat aur] isd get it. so santa comes along. and went rush limbaugh attacked her on day one, i'm ashamed to say that t xies s o w ut g wht ti, yialh right? it really didn't inspire me to action. it was on
who touched everyone he worked with. this is gordon cowden, age 51. gordon was originally from texas and lived in aurora with his family. he was -- quote -- "a quit-witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor." he will are remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle. gordon took his two teenaged children to the theater the night of the shooting, both of whom thankfully made it out unharmed. >> this is jessica ghawi, age 24. jessica was an aspiring journalist, most recently interning with mile high sports radio in denver and went by the nickname redfield. she was hard working and ambitious with a generous spirit and kind heart. when numerous homes were recently destroyed by colorado wildfires, ghawi decided to start collecting hockey equipment to donate to the kids affected because she wanted to help. >> thithis is john thomas layer. she was a cryptological technician also at buckley. a job which requires "exceptional good comarkt and skills." originally from chicago, he was the youngest of five children and join
county in february of last year, she worked at houston, texas, as the assistant deputy director for the mental health, mental retardation authority. while working there, she led an initiative to improve system efficiencies between multiple public sector agencies as a means to improve patient experience and reduce costs. in hennepin county jennifer is taken by some role in bringing together the county hospital, hennepin county medical center. the county operated health plan metropolitan health plan, the county federal qualified health care center that is northpoint health and wellness, social service arm of hennepin county that's human services and public health department of the county. the whole idea is to make a streamlined model for health care reform. jennifer, the floor is yours. we look forward to your commen comments. >> thank you but i appreciate the opportunity to be here. hennepin county has newly embarked on health care initiatives, which is trying to look at things differently. imagine not knowing where you're going to sleep tonight, not knowing we are next meal was
after an accident near fort hancock in west texas and to wish a quick recovery to special agent harrison who was shot in the line of duty. you are heading over to visit the family and him also. he was shot last week. thank you for -- one of the county's i represent, this terrible incident is a reminder that the men and women of dhs law enforcement put their lives on the line every day to make our country more secure. we appreciate their service and sacrifice. the purpose of today's hearing is to examine the status of ice, secure communities program with the agency's plan for the future of the program. removing criminal aliens from the u.s. is a congressional priority since 1986 with the passage of the immigration reform act. the department of homeland security and its predecessor agency have programs targeting removal since 1988. under the secure community program, law enforcement agencies miss the fingerprints for criminal background check, fingerprints are automatically extended to ice against them. when i was traveling by congressional district on want to have my congressional distric
in texas we are never going to get there. so yeah, i agree with many of the general principles laid out in simpson-bowles, and to believe that lower marginal rates both on the personal and the corporate side makes sense, but only in the context of a limited loopholes and means testing other deductions in order to make sure the jury system that every preseason operates in a fair way. but that has to be combined with entitlement restraint. because we don't have entitlement restraint we are lost if you talk a little bit about your budget, and interest in whether or not, as you like of which are with the supreme court ruling on obamnicare and if one talks about the mandate, the mandate is a tax. i would welcome your comments on that, by the other part of the rulings on the medicaid expansion that this has direct impact on the state in that you can now not, opt out of the medicaid expansion without losing your current medicaid funding to is this something you decided in think about your current, your upcoming fiscal year budget or is this a wait and see for new jersey? >> directly it's a wai
.50 and in texas you get a dr. pepper. it is good to be on the committee regardless what the title are. i notice the previous commissioners were unbelievably polite but not unique. i would like to go into waters that are a little murkier. your predecessor was not known for his collegiality with his fellow commissioners. there were some fairly rigorous attempts to withhold information and manipulate decisionmaking. would you care to give us your view on how you plan to manage decisionmaking an information gathering and dissemination at the commission? >> i am committed to being as collegial as possible. i regard my fellow commissioners as mike year equals and they should have access to all the information i have access to. i am committed to sharing with them written information from my office and directed my staff to be as open with their staff. >> you don't plan to use your position as chairman to withhold to shape the outcome of decisions. you plan to use the position to gather, share on an equal basis whatever information comes to you as chairman. is that a fair assessment? >> that is a fair a
was in texas, i was in austin. but texas is a bigook, book state. you can tell that anytime you nd tre. osomy edpi of bs,wh t thouldecnd g: thikng kehinemy kdo want to have lunch with? they're all equally fabulous. but as a writer if your favorite one is not the one youjust is tyo i "lof ces ptyof h a qle nonfiction career to date, ling out loud, 1988. thinking out loud, 993. how ading chang my lfe, . 00rtuio a "lancl c o . imagined london in 2004 as well. "beingerfect" in 2005. good dog,tay -- which we d cautn20ihi pam thve sat " juubed b our guest for the last three hours, anna quindlen. thank you for doingooktv and "in dept" >>sts g. oddรบ<ot oanesley ak >> what was your first job at the new york times? >> i was at general assignment everante b.h is really all un t,'m t ers per s happy. you sit around and wait until somebody says, two bodies found in hse inue t igh -redsohi a s. us u o t sway a ta notebook and allow. i remember when i interviewed at 24 ka tt.ork times when i was pdi wld wo asyt nel gn rte th was thought of as someone who was a dab hand with a turn of phrase but n
leaders cannot fully not fixes. completely incapable as we've seen in texas. and, unfortunately, what happens is the dynamic between kind of the vast majority of americans who are civilians, 99% of americans do not serve in the military, less than 1% ask are serving in the military right now you're it there's this further isolation, those in the branch to the vast majority of americans. but you see this in government were presidential, president is the commander-in-chief and yet there's so much deference to military leadership, on issues which don't require that deference to we are not talk about battlefield leadership. we are talking about widescale gross civil rights or human rights violations. and so it's critical that other agencies, congress which passes oversight of the military needs to do far more every day to ensure that military leaders at all levels are enforcing policy and making sure folks get punished if they are harassing or assaulting one another. other agencies like doj, like state department. their silence on the military that doesn't need to be. that doesn't need to
to the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert. >> thank you, mr. chairman. and we appreciate the witnesses being here. we certainly do. but this department of justice policy, to get approval from the ag himself, professor, you have said the ag policy protects not only the reporter but also the government, and i keep coming back here, so who is protecting the people? i mean, the people are the ones that are supposed to be protected. how about who's protecting the soldiers? okay, we have the doj policy that protects the ag. we have one, it also protects the report. who's protecting the navy seals? who's protecting the one that gave us the information that got bin laden? i mean, who is protecting those who are helping us? and i'm not getting the impression that we have anybody doing that right now. i know that at this very table we had the attorney general of the united states testified before the full committee, in his words, though our political dimensions to justice. that goes against everything, every law professor i've ever heard told me and taught me. it goes against everything every democratic pa
her rifle in her crotch. she got a job at the texa school boo ety wis re wn is, use reo lanod annyone else. wrote about what this had gone to her own lifetime and how she had sort of prison abs eahiwrwa e gsoual e t n hnshd hehttsfo kennedy was killed -- it was a point in time in which oswald had already wrapped up the rifle and se aside for what was toowhe textioing tdo heouoeaod use seteom r ahe hth the boy lacked a father, and that the boy's actualftherwas ffntttvehi soreouve m, h alyencnr steps to not only kill the president of the united states the next y, but to deprive another little boy, a three-year-old boy plg idoeiather. dsif n kindness. that is the kind of thing t e tr eofh - ry remeut n re ie heratt or fonth i s ic ti e t his, istorical fiction generally provide the opportunities to hypothesizing aw thatsrht raanstca. es aa? >> nixon was on the health and american activities committee. coishe was definitely onteane woerf eelth h believed allhese people that ended up getting blacklisted were actually a potential threat urpame otthwe ead u 9% hepley -- they were quitehrl,
by george mcgovern to then texas for mcgovern,hich alost cagi n rat stse xaormgve. hopeless. who is the only ally they thought they had committed people running texas excepthe wasn't sure he was really for mcgove ihr. he y oes con anen elego de, t r en be th reaze eagleton might not be the best vice presidential candidate. bill clinton, cochairman of texans for mgvernadtyo anwhnllb clniekd o ho an ice of them accompanies mcgovern in eagleton to the ranch to seeohnson ard clinton losescts nd orngckm meg,ch no h w in ireor to l that is a close as clinton got to meeting all bjp but is great about thamerican presidency and welrmr,even 'sotdengyt fpeid. re rbeh a d tacaaiomre ow thit des moines. i'm pulling that, but it wouldn't count on it. everyone has their crcuit ti tht lnve m j. ol h htasll estsofir es, orll kit ishat ey a hoped for. right over here. >>o the implication of the pren lbis eri cr arer i el pe oeoies? >> i think what is amazing -- but answer it this way i rderer iest nvabao d efd ush wt piy ch president.
is also that the nrc when we spoke to them, i went to texas and the type to the head of region for a told us basically, es,wfundta oat utire in witm o is safety. so since then there's been political pushback and we are seeing studies move forward. but i feel culturally it's troubling that i find it trouing hat'oia aisy ntt t d t f risk. >> board we have the studies had apl tineen infukushima? er commission and this agency has pointed out issues. they don't get a lot of a lot of traction without legislature unfortunately. i haven't been a aaty. e a mietr gior sam blakely and senator phd seismogists, et cetera, et cetera drive this issue that crazy in the california legislature an against heher energy beud ierulh liialde been pushing it. i am not anti-nuclear. i am for what is good for my native state. i'm a fourth-genetion californian and a 50 yearrce re. da wting for the technology all my adult life that we as humans and do i feel ag wcoue repul and agencies are regulators will get a manner and do what they have to do. >> we're discussing nuclear power with jim bod, marv elc pe ste ce fn
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)